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Hello there, my name is Jess, I am pleased to meet you.
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Originally an ISBI. Now a randomacy.
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Finch Thrill - The Thrill Legacy

HAPPY SNOWFLAKE DAY?! Yupppp… the Thrills made it to the holiday… mostly unscathed! Finch invited the majority of her family over. Did I mention I moved a handful of them to a new save? It’s been a breeze playing… though I will miss the many, many others that I didn’t bring with me! D:

Besides Cael’s birthday on Snowflake day… Finch’s little bundle of joy decided to crash the party as well. Though it was a close race between what was more outrageous… the birth or grandpa Huey’s outfit. e___e;

Welllll welcome to the Thrills, Luna Amalthea! :D